pumped up kicks

It's been a long time since I've bought a pair of sneakers. Currently, I own one pair and they're mostly collecting dust on my floor, waiting to be used. But I stumbled across a few pairs at Aldo that I'm really loving – I wouldn't even dare call them sneakers, they're shoes with an athletic edge that would make any outfit instantly casual and chic. I chose a few shoes with a neutral tone to them, I'm just dreaming up of ways to wear them once I get my hands on a pair from one of Aldo's 1,600 retail shoe stores. My favorite pair you ask? The Sen, with the uniquely high top and suede detailing. 


  1. heh i remember our convo on sneakers :) hightops are a must

  2. LOVE Aldo shoes too! Never thought I'd wear high-tops til I saw their styles. :)

  3. the aldo tan dumfries i can't seem to find anywhere and i loveeee them; any ideas or help?